Studenthood to Adulthood….

Further education was never my top priority; I was adamant I was going to leave school after my GCSE’s and most likely end up on a beauty therapy or hairdressing course, purely because that was what my friends were doing. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I decided to stay to do my A levels; probably in fear of actually having to get a job otherwise. But that was as far as it was going to go. There was no way I was going to university; tuition fees, thousands pounds of debt, and leaving all my friends and family to live with people I don’t know, and potentially won’t like? No.Thank.You.

Three years later I’m now saying goodbye to not only a city I’ve fallen in love with, but also some truly amazing people, and taking with me a degree in English Language from Cardiff University. I have no idea where the past three years have gone; most likely lost in the oblivion of nights out, hangovers, and general foolery. Oh, and the occasional stint in the library.

I have made some life-long friends, and made some awesome memories which I’ll never forget. If university has taught me anything (apart from my degree, obviously), it’s that life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience. I always said that university wasn’t for me; but now it’s a struggle without it.

So for anyone debating university, do it. Screw the fees, the debts and the fear. They can be dealt with later. Anyone can give you a job, but no-one can give you that feeling of complete contentment and utter happiness you have when you’re out on your own experiencing freedom at it’s finest. Responsibility, honesty and confidence are things you’ll learn along the way, so take the risk and see where you end up. Do you really want to be left wondering?

For me the dream is over, and now I have to be a responsible grown up and get a job… preferably a career. So here goes. Wish me luck!

Queue adulthood……

Harriet Street Love


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