Cardiff Girl at heart….?

I’m not a big believer in fate and ‘everything happens for a reason’. I believe that only you can decide how you live your life, but this week I made the exception. An opportunity arose for me to become a “London Girl” for two weeks, potentially longer. I’m not going to deny, it was a great opportunity, but there was something that was holding me back. Something wasn’t quite right, and so at the first chance, I took the next exit. I’m not saying that its fate that I’m not going through with it, but I think it’s opened my eyes and I suppose my heart to what I really want.

I do not own this image

I know so many people would have jumped at the chance to work in London; it’s a beautiful city; but I’m not many people! I know one day my chosen career in PR/Media will most likely lead me to London, but right now, I think there is something I need to do before venturing to the Big Smoke.

My best friend said to me the other day “It’s obvious your heart is in Cardiff” and I think she’s right. I’ve never been happier then when I was in Cardiff. So does this mean I’m actually a Cardiff girl at heart?! Maybe it’s the Welsh in me!

I do not own this image

Some serious decision making and planning are going to be needed if I want to succeed in what I have in mind. I can’t give too much away (not sure why, but a bit of mystery is always exciting), but I will make my mark, in some shape or form.




Watch this space…. 😉


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