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Just a quick notice to let you know that I have had my first article published on 🙂

It’s all about GO Wales and what a great job they have done and are continuing doing for students and graduates all over Wales.

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Time to face the “Real world”…

Right now I am quite literally the happiest girl in the world! After a couple of months of job hunting, I have finally landed myself a 10 week paid work placement at KMS Components as a marketing assistant, in Cardiff – with the chance of extending my contract at the end!  Yes, that’s right, my dreams finally came true, and I am moving back to my beloved city thanks to GO Wales.

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After a fairly short interview at KMS Components on Monday, I was pleasantly surprised at how interested they were in me, and what I could bring to the position. I was asked to write a short marketing copy, as a test of my writing capabilities. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever written; although I think maybe I made it out to be a lot harder in my head than it actually was. Nevertheless, I managed to put something together. It couldn’t have been that bad, as the next day I received a phone call from the company telling me they would like to offer me the position! Obviously, I jumped at the chance, and I start on Monday!

I do not own this image As exciting as this all is, I probably didn’t think this through too well. I may need somewhere to live! Currently staying with a friend, but now the job hunt is over, I’m now flat hunting. I’ve found a strong possibility, so fingers crossed, I’ll move into my new flat in a couple of weeks.

I haven’t stopped grinning since yesterday, although I will miss my parents, friends and obviously my dogs. I feel as though I’ve just come back home and now I’m leaving all over again.

Exciting and challenging prospects lie ahead for me, but I know I’m definitely ready to make it on my own in “The real world”!

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Review: Peppermint Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

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After a rather unpleasant experience in Zinc on St Mary’s Street a fair few months ago, I was delighted with its replacement; Peppermint Bar and Kitchen. Already well established in Swansea, Peppermint offers a fresh, stylish and classy venue, with a selection of classic and signature cocktails, a great shooters menu and lush fish-bowls! Fridays promote classic RnB music which guarantees an “Oh I love this song!” moment, every time the song changes, whilst Saturday plays all the current chart songs.

On my bank holiday booze-fest in Cardiff the other weekend, I was ecstatic to finally find a bar which not only serves tasty cocktails, but a place where I could enjoy a chilled night out with my friends without having to hit the clubs, and not have the ‘undesirable’ company which graced Zinc with it’s presence before, ruining the atmosphere.

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Whilst I was there I sampled a few (take that as you will) of the cocktails. My favourite being the Banana-Colada; a banana take on the classic Pina-Colada, obviously. Delicious and easy to drink, but doesn’t mix well with a few double Vodka Redbulls beforehand! Some of their signature cocktails were jam based; and even served in a jam jar! Unfortunately due to my peculiar and rather annoying allergy to raspberries I am limited to what I can try, but I have a couple of reliable sources who say their cocktails were just as luscious too!

The bar staff seem friendly and know what they’re doing, and are quick to serve you. Even the bouncers are sociable creatures! The only downside, is the size. It is rather small place and doesn’t really accommodate for the sudden urge to show everyone that it was you that taught Beyoncè everything she knows, after about four, easy to drink cocktails. Nevertheless, you can always find somewhere, whether it be the floor, a chair, or a table (I wouldn’t recommend the latter two) to make a fool of yourself on.

So to anyone who is looking a change to from the usual Lloyds Bar, Fat Cats, or Varsity, and wants some good times, some good drinks, and a good atmosphere, then I suggest Peppermint. It’s free to get in and the drinks prices are fairly reasonable too! I enjoyed it so much, that I spent my whole three day bank holiday weekend going to there every night! I need to try it in the day time too, so if anyone has gone there I’d be interested to hear what you think about it!

But in the meantime……Mine’s a cocktail if you’re buying 😉

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