Blogging Neglect

I realise that I have committed the ultimate blogging crime and neglected my blog for a substantial amount of time.

I do aplogise for this, but as you may no I have started a new job and just starting to find my feet in my new role.

I am looking however to move my blog to another site and start a new one.. to go with my new life in Cardiff. 🙂

I am planning my move sometime soon, with some interesting articles to folow!

I also want to thank everyone who has visited despite the lack of recent posts. I genuinely appreciate your visit (brief or not), and I hope you keep checking back for future update!

Will be back soon; I miss blogging!


Take care






Cardiff Girl at heart….?

I’m not a big believer in fate and ‘everything happens for a reason’. I believe that only you can decide how you live your life, but this week I made the exception. An opportunity arose for me to become a “London Girl” for two weeks, potentially longer. I’m not going to deny, it was a great opportunity, but there was something that was holding me back. Something wasn’t quite right, and so at the first chance, I took the next exit. I’m not saying that its fate that I’m not going through with it, but I think it’s opened my eyes and I suppose my heart to what I really want.

I do not own this image

I know so many people would have jumped at the chance to work in London; it’s a beautiful city; but I’m not many people! I know one day my chosen career in PR/Media will most likely lead me to London, but right now, I think there is something I need to do before venturing to the Big Smoke.

My best friend said to me the other day “It’s obvious your heart is in Cardiff” and I think she’s right. I’ve never been happier then when I was in Cardiff. So does this mean I’m actually a Cardiff girl at heart?! Maybe it’s the Welsh in me!

I do not own this image

Some serious decision making and planning are going to be needed if I want to succeed in what I have in mind. I can’t give too much away (not sure why, but a bit of mystery is always exciting), but I will make my mark, in some shape or form.




Watch this space…. 😉


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Not quite experienced…

Today is A-level results day; thousands of students finding out if they are the last generation of £3,000 tuition fees, or whether they will be facing the wrath of the governments bid to essentially bankrupt people before they’ve even entered the working world. Or worse still, try and get a job.

When I was younger, university graduates were seen to be, intelligent, ambitious, sort- after employees. Today we’re considered inexperienced, overambitious, and nothing particularly special.  For the past three years I have been working extremely hard for a degree I am especially proud of, whilst loading my CV with numerous work experience placements and part time jobs. Now I am looking for that opportunity, that one chance to demonstrate my skills I have gained but no-one wants to know.

I have lost count at how many jobs I have applied for; I actually think my CV is in every town/city across the South of England and Wales. Yet not one company can see past my graduate status.

I do not own this Image

If I am perfectly honest I am getting bored of the vicious circle of needing experience to gain experience and starting to wonder whether getting a job is even possible anymore!

Patience is a virtue (apparently) but I’ve always wanted everything done yesterday which is probably one of my biggest downfalls. Nevertheless I am persistent and shall continue on the job hunt, and fingers crossed someone will appreciate the standing of a graduate once again.

Wish me luck!

Hwyl fawr Prifysgol Caerdydd…

For the past week people have been asking me “What does it feel like to finally be a graduate?!” My answer “No different” But I think that could be a bit of a lie… more likely denial.

I left Cardiff almost a month ago now, and anyone who has been around me during this time has had to endure a constant Cardiff comparison, and an ongoing complaint of how rubbish life is without my beloved city.

Last Tuesday was my opportunity to re-visit the place I have called home for the past three years, one last time as a Cardiff University student. I’m not going to lie, it was probably one of the most stressful days of my life. From my father forgetting his suit, the lack of parking spaces in the hotel, my feet being ripped to shreds the night before by new shoes, absent parents for the professional graduation photos; it was one disaster after another.

Nevertheless, once all the drama was over and all there was to do was to receive my award from the Vice Chancellor of the university and watch my fellow colleagues graduate with me; I felt a great sense of calm.

English Language Grads








The ceremony was fantastic (albeit long), and a moment I shall never forget. Some of the ceremony was performed in Welsh, and at that moment, I felt a great surge of pride for my University and all it represents, despite not understanding the language.

Having my parents there to witness my graduation was the highlight of the day. Like most parents, they have only wanted the best for me and I know they’ve always had high hopes. I’m just ecstatic I have managed to not only fulfil my dreams, but also theirs.

Proud Parents








My graduation was to mark the end of an era. An epic era. I was re-united with familiar faces once again, but only to say goodbye, and to wish farewell to not only a university who had looked after me for the past three years, but also a lifestyle which has shaped who I am today.

As Stephen Fry said when he became a fellow of Cardiff University, they call graduations ‘commencements’ in America as it is only just the beginning, and so this is how I shall continue.

So when I answered “No different” to that all important question, it was a lie. In fact, I feel sad, excited, lost, bewildered, ecstatic, ambitious, but most of all proud.


Studenthood to Adulthood….

Further education was never my top priority; I was adamant I was going to leave school after my GCSE’s and most likely end up on a beauty therapy or hairdressing course, purely because that was what my friends were doing. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I decided to stay to do my A levels; probably in fear of actually having to get a job otherwise. But that was as far as it was going to go. There was no way I was going to university; tuition fees, thousands pounds of debt, and leaving all my friends and family to live with people I don’t know, and potentially won’t like? No.Thank.You.

Three years later I’m now saying goodbye to not only a city I’ve fallen in love with, but also some truly amazing people, and taking with me a degree in English Language from Cardiff University. I have no idea where the past three years have gone; most likely lost in the oblivion of nights out, hangovers, and general foolery. Oh, and the occasional stint in the library.

I have made some life-long friends, and made some awesome memories which I’ll never forget. If university has taught me anything (apart from my degree, obviously), it’s that life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience. I always said that university wasn’t for me; but now it’s a struggle without it.

So for anyone debating university, do it. Screw the fees, the debts and the fear. They can be dealt with later. Anyone can give you a job, but no-one can give you that feeling of complete contentment and utter happiness you have when you’re out on your own experiencing freedom at it’s finest. Responsibility, honesty and confidence are things you’ll learn along the way, so take the risk and see where you end up. Do you really want to be left wondering?

For me the dream is over, and now I have to be a responsible grown up and get a job… preferably a career. So here goes. Wish me luck!

Queue adulthood……

Harriet Street Love