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Just a quick notice to let you know that I have had my first article published on 🙂

It’s all about GO Wales and what a great job they have done and are continuing doing for students and graduates all over Wales.

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Not quite experienced…

Today is A-level results day; thousands of students finding out if they are the last generation of £3,000 tuition fees, or whether they will be facing the wrath of the governments bid to essentially bankrupt people before they’ve even entered the working world. Or worse still, try and get a job.

When I was younger, university graduates were seen to be, intelligent, ambitious, sort- after employees. Today we’re considered inexperienced, overambitious, and nothing particularly special.  For the past three years I have been working extremely hard for a degree I am especially proud of, whilst loading my CV with numerous work experience placements and part time jobs. Now I am looking for that opportunity, that one chance to demonstrate my skills I have gained but no-one wants to know.

I have lost count at how many jobs I have applied for; I actually think my CV is in every town/city across the South of England and Wales. Yet not one company can see past my graduate status.

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If I am perfectly honest I am getting bored of the vicious circle of needing experience to gain experience and starting to wonder whether getting a job is even possible anymore!

Patience is a virtue (apparently) but I’ve always wanted everything done yesterday which is probably one of my biggest downfalls. Nevertheless I am persistent and shall continue on the job hunt, and fingers crossed someone will appreciate the standing of a graduate once again.

Wish me luck!